Q40 Farm

Welcome to Q40 Farm.

It sounds a little strange, we know,  Q40 Farm?  What’s that? True confession… although it is a farm, Farm 407 tract 998 in Palmer Alaska, is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture; our true objective with this farm is not to raise any particular crop, however we do. It is not to generate money to send our kids to college, but it will, we hope. It is not primarily to associate with, and network, and laugh and cry with the wonderful farmers in the Alaska Peony Cooperative, but we do, and they are amazing. It is not even to grow the most beautiful peonies that nature can produce, but we do. Our primary love and the bare “roots” to our farm, is to raise the very best kids and grand-kids in the world and pass this tradition on from generation to generation!

Amending and preparing the soil – lime, bone meal & building the rows.
Preparing the soil to plant

What better way to raise kids than to teach them to love work, love nature, love God’s wonderful world and to be wise stewards of their inheritance. We want them to be attentive caretakers of their bodies and nature. What better place to work on these qualities than on a good old fashion farm. Dirt, weeds, compost and manure all serve to strengthen bodies, minds, and spirit through manual labor. Tilling, weeding, and watering 1,400+ peonies brings out the very best in kids and flowers, it builds muscles, molds minds and stimulates creative thoughts allowing time to play, ponder, and pray. Learning that in work or life it’s most enjoyable when you bring a friend along. After all, “Alone in the moonlight, is better when you are not.”

What is Q40? It’s our way of referring to our home and as close as we can get to a low impact sustainable lifestyle… it is a Quonset Hut on 40 acres situated on the most beautiful spread of God’s green and often cold and white, Earth.

Q40 is more than a farm, it is the soil for our family roots. It is a lifetime of work projects for our kids and our grand-kids. Grand-kids we don’t even have right now, but planting the cover crop for. We know some day, if we build the most fun most beautiful place to romp and stomp, reflect and run, a tree here, a flower box there, if we lace it with time together and fun memories, if we focus on building character and confidence, honest work and responsibility while nurturing regularly with love, kindness, individual freedom, creative thinking and respect for life; our kids will come back just like the quality roots we have planted. No matter how messed up and confused the borders of countries become, no matter how contradictory and corrosive the commentaries and pundits appear, there will always a place to call our home. Our home will always be a place where “weeding” both in the mind and in the soil can occur. Our home will be a place where they have their roots planted and protected. Our home will be a place where no matter how cold or dark the winter, spring will come. Our home will be a place where family roots and peony roots come back year after year, blooming with all the beauty and splendor God intended.  Our home is a place we call “Q40”, a place where we have sunk our roots, pounded our nails, tilled our soil, watched our chicks hatch and our moose wander, a place we call our home.

Below is a link to an article provided by the Anchorage Daily News about the history of Quonset Huts in Alaska.
Quirky Quonsets: Anchorage Daily News

Restored WWII Quonset Hut – originally constructed by Errol Hamann, Early Palmer Homesteaders