Near By

There are so many things to do near by this flower filled get away.

5 minutes away: The Musk Ox Farm, get an up close look to an Ice Age mammal with tours and engaging displays.

15-30 minutes away: The Butte is a wonderful hike. Its a fun easy hike and the top has such a rewarding view of the gorgeous Pioneer Peak. The Reindeer Farm is right down the road from the Butte and its fun for the whole family. Enjoy a guided tour and learn all about the animals they raise. Hatcher Pass is a beautiful area. Wonderful trails to explore and many places to adventure, it’s  a “must do”.

View of Pioneer Peak from the top of the Butte Picture taken by: Naomi Feaster

1 hour away: If you’re looking for a drive go to the Matanuska Glacier, its Alaska’s largest glacier within driving distance. Make sure to bring your camera for all the perfect photo opportunities.


Photo featured at the top of the page was taken at Hatcher Pass by, Naomi Feaster