Alaskan Peony Bouquet


Q40 Flower Bouquet- a personalized floral experience from farm to vase celebrating your Mom on  Mother’s Day. Free Shipping

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Q40 Flower Bouquet- a personalized floral experience from farm to vase celebrating your Mom on  Mother’s Day

Whether it be for your Mother, or your Wife it can be difficult to find a unique personal and lasting gift for Mother’s Day. Some gifts you may have tried and used in the past may have included:

Make dinner             Purchased card             Clean the house        A heart felt letter

A night out                cut flowers Treadmill (not recommended)            Vacuum

Truth is, there is nothing we can give to completely communicate effectively how important Mother’s are in our lives. While realizing the limitations of all gifts, we suggest give your mom a Q40Flower Bouquet.

Q40Flower Bouquet is a minimum of half a dozed “triple A” Sarah Bernhardt peonies with free shipping, delivered fresh from Alaska to your mom’s door. With this  “farm to vase” experience, she can anticipate watching her specific peony plant grow from the Alaska winter snows, watch the shoots pop through the spring soil as the weather warms, and in a matter of weeks nourished with the 18+hours of sunlight grow into a plant 3-4+ feet tall and having multiple buds on her plant.

This is a revolutionary idea for a gift that informs and educates as periodic  updates on your mother’s specific plant including her name next to the plant and pictures showing it progress. It is educational as information on the cultivar, cultivating, care and harvesting of her specific plant from Q40 Farm is relayed during the various growing stages. We will tell you about the unique geography which permits your Alaskan Peonies to  flower weeks after all the peonies in the “lower 48” are long gone, having bloomed for the season. She will be sent buds from her specific plant which she has watched grow and develop.  A Q40 Boquete is a long lasting gift from start to finish which starts long before they are shipped and lasts not just for the vase life but through the anticipation in watching the flowers grow.

This is a gift every Mother can enjoy, and I promise, it is not a gift she has EVER been given before and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the blooms do not arrive in satisfactory condition. Take photos and send them to us with in 24 hours so we can diagnose what might have gone wrong and we will refund 100% of your purchase. For more information about our on-line shopping policies please click here.